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Also, when you update certain URLs the search engines will also be warned. O The Robot.txt file: Special attention to this file. This is a file in which you are telling local business seo Google that you want it to index and that you do not want it to index. Here you have all the information on this type of files. If you want to know how your Snippet will be in search engine results, I recommend using this application Content and Images Your content must have a single objective per page, product, landing or article. In addition, it is also advisable to use different formats instead of always text: Infographics, Videos, etc.

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Format of URLs Friendly: URLs have to be Friendly YES or YES, must have the main keyword to position in that URL and as far left as possible. Also, you must take care of its format obviating unnecessary characters or words that are not important in that page. I also recommend avoiding STOP WORDS: Prepositions, determinants, articles, etc. Correct structure of HTML tags: You must use tags H, H, H. Use these tags to structure your content. The H tag is the most important of these and should always be the title keyword density of your page and contain the keyword. Also, use H, H to improve the structure of your content and give more value to some keywords. Let's talk about Keyword Density: Surely you have heard many times about keyword density. In case, you do not know very well how this is going, I will tell you briefly. It is the of times that a certain keyword is repeated in a same page. This is good for SEO, but beware, if you spend repeating the keyword you will be able to fully enter Keyword Stuffing.

What is often said in these cases is that your Keyword Density should be between and, although I do not agree, since if you write an article in a natural way, adding value to the user and it turns out that you have a percentage Higher than recommended, what happens? NOTHING of NOTHING, in fact surely better positioned than others that focus on the density of keywords. So, write naturally, using synonyms. O Optimize your Images: Never forget to name the file correctly, place the ALT correctly, Title, etc. O Use of Synonyms: We talked about keyword density and Google does not like us to repeat these words a lot of times to seo packages for small businesses alter their results. For our content to make sense and at the same time in the eyes of Google and other search engines is good you must use similar words, synonyms, etc. to refer to your Keyword.

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This will be a plus for your content! Or Bold and italic: More of the same. Using both bold and italic serves to indicate to search engines that what we are marking is of special importance. Use them with your head. O Multimedia Content: I have already commented at the beginning of see here this section that the more information you give your users about a particular product, article, service, etc., the more Google will love you. So start using content in Audios, Videos, Infographics, etc. Other Important Factors Other interesting and important aspects that you should know about SEO On Site are: o The Speed of Loading Your Web WPO: Your web has to be fast, the more the better. If it is not, users will get tired and before they access your content they will return to the Google page to find another result. This seo packages for small businesses will generate a rebound and the search giant will realize that yours is not a good result to be top.